Woman mugged, dragged by car in Spokane Valley


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A woman is recovering from surgery in a local hospital after she was mugged and dragged by the suspect's car over the weekend.

Court documents say 21-year-old Christopher J. Wright (AKA Huntsinger) was arrested for the attack about two hours later. He was in court for the crime on Monday, but bonded out shortly after.

"All the skin on my foot up to here is ripped off," victim Christa Westerhoff told us from the hospital. "I was scared I'm never going to walk again."

But even though doctor's expect she will, the busy mother and bartender is in for an agonizing recovery.

The assault happened in a parking lot near the Scoreboard Tavern in Spokane Valley. Christa believes her attacker had the whole thing planned out.

"What I think is he saw me paying, and saw I had money in my purse," she said.

Christa said she does not know the suspect, but did see him talking with mutual friends. That's why when he motioned for her to come talk to him from inside his vehicle, she did.

"He was like come here," she said. "I had a clutch around my wrist. He didn't say anything, just grabbed me. I tried to pull back and he floored the car."

He was dragging her along with it.

"He spun around in circles," she said.

After a few terrifying minutes, she was eventually able to break free, only narrowly avoiding a catastrophe.

"If he would have turned anymore, he would have ran over my head," she said.

Christa isn't sure when she'll get released from the hospital. The injury will also prevent her from working as a bartender until she heals.

Her friends set up this page to help support her: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-christa-get-well

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