More info on man charged with vehicular homicide

Michael Lucey in court

The man accused of running over and killing a woman at the intersection of Third and Division on Monday told officers at the scene that he knew his van had brake problems, but continued to drive it, according to court documents.  

Witnesses told officers they saw Michael Lucey driving his brown Ford Econoline northbound on Division going about 35 to 40 miles per hour, hit two vehicles waiting at a red light and then run the the same red light at Third Avenue before hitting a woman in the cross walk head-on. Witnesses say they didn't see Lucey apply the brakes until he was about 5 feet into the intersection and after the collision, they saw him get out of the van and run east toward Frankie Doodle's. 

The woman died at the scene and has not yet been officially identified. 

When officers arrived, they found Lucey was being detained by an off-duty deputy. According to court documents, Lucey told officers he knew the van's brakes were not working properly for about two weeks. He said he added brake fluid to the reservoir a couple of days before the collision and continued to drive the van. 

Lucey was arrested and charged with Vehicular Homicide. He made his first court appearance on Tuesday and bond was set at $25,000. 

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