Community steps in to help mom whose generator was stolen


SPOKANE, Wash. -A woman was struggling to figure out what her back-up plan would be if the power went out after her generator was stolen from her garage. 

That’s because her special needs daughter has medical equipment that needs electricity to run. But, on Monday, the community and companies stepped in to help.

KHQ received calls, emails, comments asking how they could help or how they could donate a generator.

Darren Stutzke with Current Electrical is donating a generator that retails for around $1,000 to Barbara Sybil. But that’s not it. Michael Crouse with Total Security saw our story too and decided to help put in a security alarm system to deter thieves.

Barbara is overwhelmed by all the kindness. She takes care of her daughter Annah full-time, and uses a lot of equipment to do so. Annah has cerebral palsy and lung issues. She just moved to Spokane a few months ago, and someone stole the generator from her garage sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

So now with this alarm in place, “to know that this is going to be secure and to even have a generator that peace is there double fold,” Barbara says.

“Having the community reach out, companies reach out, thank you doesn't seem to be enough but thank you.”

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