Spokane mom desperate to find missing generator


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane mother is worried after a generator is stolen from her garage. That’s because the generator is there for her daughter’s health in case the power were to go out.

Barbara Sybil spends her days caring for her daughter, Annah, who has special needs. She has cerebral palsy and lung issues. There’s equipment all over the home to help Annah out.

But all of that equipment can’t run without a generator if the power were to go out.

“It's needed and I can't afford to replace it right now,” Barbara says.

Her only generator was stolen out of her garage after moving into this home. This happened near Glass Park sometime between late Friday night and Saturday morning.

“What do I do? It's probably gone,” she says. “I've been sick to my stomach about it.”

KHQ did a story with this family two years ago after the windstorm knocked their power out. The community rallied together and got them this generator.

“That generator is kind of like a life support,” Barbara says. “If the power goes I can't use any of it.

Without that generator, we're back to hoping her health doesn't crash.”

So this mother just hopes anyone who sees this story can keep an eye out.

“Please just return it. We need it,” she says. 

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