Domestic violence victim helps arrest suspect

Kanon Charbonneau

Deputies in Kootenai County were able to arrest a Spokane man accused of domestic violence on Sunday thanks to a little help from the victim. 

Deputies were told a woman had been battered and then dragged into a car near the Cedars Floating Restaurant Sunday afternoon. When they arrived they found the suspect, identified as Kanon M. Charbonneau, trying to leave the area in his car. When deputies stopped the vehicle the victim, with obvious injuries, got out and ran to the safety of the deputy's patrol car. 

The deputy then tried to take Charbonneau into custody, but the Sheriff's Office says Charbonneau headbutted the deputy in the face and began to fight. The victim saw Charbonneau attacking the deputy, so she grabbed the deputy's baton from inside the patrol car and struck Charbonneau several times as he continued to fight with the deputy. 

"Due to her help, the deputy was able to gain control of Charbonneau and take him into custody," the Sheriff's Office said. 

Once Charbonneau was in custody, deputies began to piece together what happened and believe Charbonneau punched the woman in the face, tried to strangle her, destroyed her personal property and then force her into his car against her will. 

Charbonneau has been charged with: Felony Domestic Battery, Attempted Strangulation, Grand Theft, Battery on a Peace Officer, 2nd Degree Kidnapping, DUI, Malicious Injury to Property, and Destruction of a Telecommunications Device.

The victim was taken to Kootenai Health due to the injuries to her face, as was the deputy. Both are expected to be okay. 

(story:; photo: Kootenai County Sheriff's Office)

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