Social media helps track down stolen bike


SPOKANE, Wash. -We hear about stolen bikes all the time, but not usually from bike shops.   

A north Spokane bike shop got their $3,000 bike back thanks to a little help from social media.

On Saturday a man walked into the Wheel Sport bike shop here on north Division.

But it wasn't just any bike he was looking at- it was a specialized mountain bike worth more than $3,000.

The shop asks customers to leave their ID and a credit card if they want to try out a bike- this customer left his entire wallet.

After 25 minutes the salesperson noticed the man was still gone and that's when they checked the wallet he left.

The shop reported the stolen bike to police but they did something else.

They went online, using social media looking for help finding the missing mountain bike.

One of those tips led them to a nearby pawn shop just a few blocks away where the found the bike and officers were able to recover it.     

The shop says it's all thanks to the Spokane community. 

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