Hikers spot brush fire in Spokane Valley


SPOKANE, Wash. -Firefighters made quick work of a small brush fire in the Dishman-Mica conservation area Thursday, thanks to a trio of hikers.

"We hiked for about two hours then started smelling something that smelled like fire," said Alex Henley. "The smoke started spreading toward us making it harder to breath and ashes were flying so we decided to walk down the hillside."

Shortly after Henley called 911, fire crews from Spokane Valley and the Department of Natural Resources made their way up the steep hillside.

"I'm just happy I didn't burn into a flock of flames," said Adam Donnelly. "And I am relieved that the fire department is her to keep everyone safe."

The fire didn't threaten any structures. Crews quickly built a line around the one-acre fire.

The DNR is investigating the cause of the fire. 

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