Stranger tries to break into Spokane man's home


SPOKANE, Wash. -The sound of glass breaking would startle anyone, especially if you're home alone. That's exactly the situation one Spokane man found himself in Wednesday morning. 

It was an extremely frightening situation for the 77-year-old man when a stranger tried getting into his home, but neighbors in the area stepped in.

For more than 40 years, Roger Best has called his quiet Shadle neighborhood home. But he's never had a day like Wednesday. Just before 10 a.m., a man began beating on the door of his home.

"I was just determined he wasn't going to come in. The shakes come afterwards," Best said. "I was about to reach for the door when he he hit it. It whipped open he was yelling he wanted in. But I got it locked."

Alone inside, Roger called 911 as the stranger then put his fists through the front windows of his home, trying to get in. Roger says he wasn't scared, he just wanted to make sure the man didn't make it inside.

"I was just really concerned for his safety and trying to figure out what was going on and who this guy was," said Roger's neighbor, Sean Blumhagen. He heard what was going on and rushed to help.

"I ran out here in my Underoos and just started engaging with the guy. Basically telling him he needed to leave," Blumhagen said.

The man, who neighbors say appeared intoxicated, stopped. Moments later, Spokane Police arrived and took him into custody.

"He broke through this storm window and broke through the house window," Blumhagen said, describing the damage done by the man. Afterward he helped board up the windows and cleaned Roger's front porch. He says he's just glad he was home and able to help his friend next door.

"It's just the right thing to do. That's what we're here for," Blumahagen said. "We're here to help people. Especially in our neighborhood. If we're not looking out for our neighborhood, who is?"

Roger says he's grateful to live in a neighborhood like this.

"They all looked after me," Best said. 

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