Spokane mother concerned with drivers speeding


SPOKANE, Wash. -One mother says drivers have been treating the residential road in front of her home like a highway. This is near Downriver Golf Course on the north side of Spokane.

Pam Altig says recently she’s been seeing a lot of people speeding, and thinks it’s likely because people are looking for a detour as TJ Meenach is under construction. Her main concern is for everyone who’s out enjoying their summer, including the kids in the neighborhood.

She just hopes that people get the message to slow down. The neighborhood’s speed limit is 25 mph. She also just wants people to be safe.

“If you guys are detouring that's fine. We don't mind the traffic. You guys have got to get from point A to point B somehow, but you also need to be respectful that this is a neighborhood,” she says.

The city says they’ll see if police are available to check in on the area. They also add that if you’re having issues with people speeding in your neighborhood, work with your neighborhood council. https://my.spokanecity.org/neighborhoods/councils/

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