Was there a UFO sighting at Skyfest?


SPOKANE, Wash. -Were you at Skyfest this past weekend? And did you see a UFO?

At least one man claims he did, and believes he has the video evidence to support his case.

“Never have I captured anything like this ever,” said John Whichelow.

Whichelow thought he was just recording the Thunderbirds at the air show at Fairchild AFB, but when he watched the video back, he noticed two different unidentified flying objects in the frame.

“It would seem it was moving incredibly fast since the announcer said those jets were going 500 mph and they looked slow by comparison,” said Whichelow. “Some people talk about meteors or birds or bugs that are close to the camera, I looked at it so closely and I don't think it's any of those.”

The video shows a white object at five seconds dart by the frame before the Thunderbirds pass each other. Later at 36 seconds, you can see a smaller black object come through the frame following behind the ascending Thunderbird.

“Carl Sagan said there are more stars out there then grains of sand on the beach,” said Whichelow. “And if there are that many stars, and many are older than ours, well it seems since I believe we'll get to the starts someday, why not the possibility that someone has gotten here already.”

KHQ called the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport to ask if the object was a possible sign of intelligent life. The director, Peter Davenport, did not comment at the time, saying he’d like to see more evidence.

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