Neighbors keep an eye out after fires in Spokane


SPOKANE, Wash. -It’s been a dry weekend and with this heat, neighbors in the northeast part of Spokane are on high alert, especially after two fires broke out within blocks and minutes of each other Saturday night near Upriver Drive.

Firefighters say the cause is unknown at this time, but neighbors say this isn’t the first time they’ve seen multiple fires in their neighborhood.

Steve Leeberg says a lot of people wander around the neighborhood.

“There's a lot of people who walk around here in the middle of the night. Anywhere from 10 [p.m.] to 1 [a.m.] in the morning that's why I'm building a fence,” he says.

Because of that, he has surveillance cameras around his home. On July 12, those cameras actually caught a man riding a bike down the alley. Steve says in that video, you can see the person stop at his neighbor’s fence, then you see a spark of light and a fire grows on the fence. That same night on July 12, firefighters responded to several fires in the same area.

So on Saturday night, when Steve and his neighbors heard about the fires, they went to look around. The cause is still under investigation for the most recent two fires, but because of it, Steve is on alert and helping keep an eye on the neighborhood.

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