Meals on Wheels & MultiCare cool Spokane elderly


About a month ago, Meals on Wheels of Spokane was asking for help. They had 20 people in need of fans, but no fans to give out.

That was until Thursday when MultiCare Health System wrote a $4,200 check to Meals on Wheels so they could purchase 200 fans.

“One person said something to another person and said ‘we need this’ and we wanted to step up,” said Valley Hospital President, Greg Repetti. “This is a way we can demonstrate our commitment to that healthier community.”

Meals on Wheels started delivering the fans to folks who need them, including Patrice Bonnee.

“I love this fan,” said Bonnee. “I needed a fan because my apartment was so hot, now that I have a fan I’ll be cool.”

Another organization in the city that needs fans and air conditioning units is SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners). You can drop off donations at the armory located at 212 W 2nd Ave.

You can also donate money online or by calling (509) 456-SNAP (7629). You can designate that donation to be used for fans or air conditioning.

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