North Spokane neighbors concerned about speeders


Jennifer Giovetti has lived at the intersection of Regal and Lincoln for six years. In a news tip to KHQ, Giovetti writes that she's seen at least one bad crash there every year. She's worried not just for the drivers, but for the kids in the neighborhood

"When you're going 35 mph turning a corner to go to Regal, and we have a 5-year-old next door and there’s no fence in yard," said Giovetti.

On July 21st Giovetti's security system caught a crash on camera. A white pick up truck that sent one car flying through a yard hitting a fence, and then ultimately coming to a rest at a chain linked fence. That video sparked Giovetti's email to us.

"Oh my God someone is going to seriously get hurt or die on this street that's what I was thinking. About the safety of our neighbors and kids around there. It's scary."

Neighbors we talked to say the worst time for speeders is the morning and early evening commutes. After speaking with Jennifer we came out to the intersection where the accident happened and we brought along our Q-6 speed checker to see how fast people were going. The speed limit on both Regal and Lincoln is 25 mph. But our speed gun caught drivers going 35 and even 40 mph.

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory says that he understands that speeding is a major concern. But resources are limited especially when the Sheriff's Office has more than 2,500 miles of road to cover.

For Giovetti this is an easy fix:

"Slow down. What's your hurry?"

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