Silverwood treats family after mom beats blood disease


SPOKANE, Wash. -A local family is dreaming of going to Silverwood to celebrate their mother's clean bill of health. Unfortunately, they can't afford to go. The children set up a lemonade stand with hopes of making their wish come true.

No was the word Kandis Workman found herself saying over and over to her five children.

"The chemo has taken a lot out of me," she said.

They would ask to play or to go places, but Kandis' poor health left her far too weak.

"We've just been home," she said. "We haven't been able to go do anything. It hurt really bad."

But recently, that all changed.

"I'm just now getting my energy back," she said.

Kandis now has the upper hand on her disease. Her children wanted to go to Silverwood to celebrate.

"I said we couldn't afford it," she said.

She couldn't bare saying no yet again when the kids begged to try to earn the money themselves.

"They put their heads together and came up with the lemonade stand idea," she said.

The stand, and the story behind it, took off with viewers asking KHQ to do a "Help Me Hayley" segment with the family. Sunday night, we aired a story. Moments after it aired, offers to help rolled in. Silverwood staff even offered to treat the family of seven to a full day at the park.

"I'm really blown away," Kandis said.

The family said they couldn't be more grateful to live in the Inland Northwest with such kind hearted, amazing people.

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