Lemonade stand celebrates mom who beat blood disorder


SPOKANE, Wash. -"Help Me Hayley" was contacted regarding a local family who has been through a rough couple of months. It's a story of children rallying around their mother to make a family dream come true.

Meet Kandis Workman. She says she's been fighting a devastating blood disorder. The countless  appointments and treatments have taken a toll on her young family.

"I've been fighting a blood disorder and it's caused me to be down quite a bit and not do a whole lot with the kids," she said. 

She said never felt well and rarely had energy. Thankfully, after quite the battle, she said she finally got a clean bill of health. To celebrate, her children want to go to Silverwood. Unfortunately, the mother of five says they can't afford it. She said it was extra saddening because it was the first time she finally felt well enough to even go.

"Up until this year, when I went through chemo and got put in remission, I haven't been able to do things," she said.

Workman says her children asked if they could have a lemonade stand to pay fora celebratory outing to their dream place, Silverwood!

"It would mean the world to them, they've never experienced anything like it," she said.

The family has been serving lemonade to thirsty customers all weekend, and will be back at it again Monday. They said they are getting closer to their goal. 

Workman said one customer bought a cup and returned with a handful of cash, bringing tears to her eyes.

"I was blown away," she said.

The lemonade stand is near Francis and A Street in North Spokane. 

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