Door-to-door solicitor uses racial slur


SPOKANE, Wash. -One Spokane couple is furious after they say someone who went door-to-door asking for donations used a racial slur against them.

Roger and Christina Wink were at home when they heard a knock at the door. Christina answered, and a man described to be in his 20s said he was collecting money to send care packages to active military. She declined and that’s when things escalated.

“He said, ‘then go back to China, *****,” she says.

She shut the door and told her husband what happened.

“I bolted out,” Roger says. “You can't have a racist going door-to-door collecting money from people.”

Roger says when he confronted the man, the man wouldn't give him his name, a phone number, or the name of the organization he worked for. When Roger then asked him about the racial slur, he said it was because she wouldn’t donate money.

The man continued on his way going to Roger’s neighbors’ homes. After, Roger found out from his neighbors that the man reportedly works for Professional Fundraising Agency, a business that’s licensed out of Texas.

Roger is now just cautioning people to be careful, and to do research before giving money to someone you don’t know.

A representative of the company did get back to KHQ and says that she is passing along what happened to the company’s owner because that is not acceptable. 

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