What you need to know about the new distracted driving law


SPOKANE, Wash. -Starting Sunday, Washingtonians will have to be extra focused behind the wheel, or face a $136 dollar fine.

The new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Law requires you to be completely hands free except for emergency purposes.

Here’s what you are allowed to do

  • Talk on the phone using hands-free devices such as a Bluetooth.
  • Use your GPS or music IF you set them up before you drive.
  • Push or swipe to answer a phone call as long as the conversation is hands-free.
  • Use a hand-held to call 911 or other emergency services.

Here’s what you are NOT allowed to do

  • Drivers may not use a hand-held device while driving, stopped in traffic or a stoplight. This includes cell phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • You can also get a $99 ticket as a secondary offense for other types of distractions such as putting on your makeup or shaving, smoking, eating, drinking, driving with a lap dog, reading, etc. If the activity interferes with driving and you are pulled over for another offense you could get ticketed.

The first ticket will cost at least $136. If you get another ticket within five years it will cost at least $234.

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