Pedestrian lashes out, throws rock at woman in car

Pedestrian lashes out, throws rock at woman in car

A Spokane woman says she had a scary encounter Thursday morning with a man on the sidewalk. She was driving near Regal St by Ferris High School when he lashed out and ended up throwing a rock at her. "It worries me that somebody is out there that can be that violent," she said.

She wants to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation of what he might do.

She says she was dropping off her son for a sports camp near the baseball fields by Ferris High School when she drove up to a stop sign. She was about to pull out, when a pedestrian started walking in front of her. "I slammed on the breaks, I didn't hit him and I rolled down the window to start apologizing but he had kicked my bumper, somehow found a rock and threw a rock at me and as I rolled down the window to apologize again, he picked up the rock and started coming at me again," she said.

Her bumper is now cracked and there is damage from the rock on the side of her car. "I've been hit by a car as a pedestrian so I know how terrible it is but I didn't expect this sustained violence from anybody," she said.

Luckily, she was able to snap a picture of him.

She says pedestrians do have the right of way. "But after that, you do not have the right to damage someone else's car," she said.

She says she called 911 and filed a report. If you know anything, you are asked to give Crime Check a call at (509) 456-2233.

(story and photo: Andrea Olson, KHQ Local News Producer/Reporter,