Longer lines at Washington DOL for enhanced licenses


SPOKANE, Wash. -Upgrading your Washington state ID at the Department of Licensing is becoming more time consuming.

"There had been a computer delay earlier," said one DOL customer named Lyle. Instead of leaving, he decided to wait. Lyle had already been waiting for about two hours until his number was called. 

"There's extra paperwork for the enhanced and 15 minute wait, then they called me for my photo and another 15 minute wait."

In early June, Washington state was granted another temporary extension for the federal requirements for state drivers licenses and ID cards Starting in July 2018, the state's standard licenses - which aren't in line with the federal requirements - will be marked to indicate they are not REAL ID compliant and thus not acceptable for certain purposes like traveling across the border or flying, by federal authorities.

What does this mean exactly?

Those with the old licenses will eventually need additional documentation - such as a passport, permanent resident card or military id - to board domestic commercial flights and for other federal purposes.

But for Lyle the wait is worth it "I'm crossing the border to Anchorage, Alaska, tomorrow and I have the paper work to get me north but I need to have the enhanced to get me back."

If you are planning to get an enhanced license you can also apply and renew online 

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