Experts say spiders are more active this year


SPOKANE, Wash. -If you think you’ve seen more spiders this summer, you’re not wrong. They’re a lot more active this year, according to pest control experts.

Raymond Vanderlouw with Pointe Pest Control says there’s a lot more for them to eat. That’s because the moisture in the spring and the heat up has made a lot of these other insects, like earwigs and crickets, a lot more active.

“We have way more insect activity, which means way more spider activity because that is the food source,” he says.

Vanderlouw says the best way to prevent is by spraying your home before summer hit. If you didn’t do that this year, there are a few things you can do with your landscaping to prevent even more spiders from getting in your home. 

One thing is to make sure there’s a buffer between your plants and your home. For instance, if shrubs are sitting flush with the outside of your home, spiders are more likely to get inside since they tend to hide in-between. Another thing you can do is get glue boards to trap the spiders that are already in your home.

 You should place them in areas where your kids can’t get to them, but also where spiders like to go. So, under the sofa, in a corner, or behind the entertainment center near an entry point would work. 

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