Suspect in Spokane Valley pursuit on the loose

Crash after Spokane Valley pursuit

"We know who he is. If we don't find him today, we know where to look for him," Deputy Craig Chamberlin told KHQ after a high-speed pursuit ended in a violent crash in Spokane Valley Tuesday morning. 

Deputy Chamberlin says another deputy spotted a car parked next to another vehicle trying to tow it near West Valley High School and stopped to see what was going on. After seeing the deputy, a man jumped into the driver's seat of a Volkswagen Jetta, with the car's owner in the passenger seat and took off at a high rate of speed. 

The deputy pursued the Jetta, which eventually crashed into another car near Park and Broadway. The driver of the Jetta took off on foot and deputies set up a perimeter to find him, however so far he is still on the loose. 

Deputy Chamberlin says thanks to the passenger they know who the suspect is and he is wanted on several felony warrants in Washington and Idaho. 

The passenger stayed at the scene and is being cooperative with law enforcement and says he had only met the suspect a couple of times. 

"He's a little fired up to say the least about his vehicle, which he just purchased," Deputy Chamberlin said about the passenger. 

The passenger told KHQ they were going over 100 mph several times during the pursuit. He also says he told the driver to stop multiple times. 

The driver of the other car is also going to be okay, though both cars are totaled. 

The suspect was last seen wearing darker camo shorts with a black t-shirt. Deputy Chamberlin said they do not believe the suspect is a threat to the public. 

"His world is falling apart," Chamberlin said.

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