Spokane woman creates crop swap for extra veggies


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's a problem you may have experienced -- too many veggies, too little time to eat them all. If you're into gardening, you know sometimes there is more than enough to go around. But Spokane woman has found a solution: Take it to the Audobon Community Veggie Trade.

It's located right next to Audobon Park and it's basically a crop swap. You take your extra zucchini or beans, and get some tomatoes and lettuce in exchange.

Hilary Nickerson came up with the idea about a year ago, but it didn't blossom until recently. She says it's about gardening, but it's also about bringing people together.

"Building community gardening is a great way to make friends, a good way to get to know your neighbors," Nickerson said.

The Audubon Community Veggie Trade isn't ready just yet, but Nickerson hopes it will be in a couple of weeks.

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