Woman claims man let air out of her tires in parking lot


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane woman is speaking out after a panhandler took matters into his own hands  when she did not give him gas money.

Pam says she was at the Winco near Jay and North Dakota St stocking up on groceries for the week and what happened next had her checking her front tire. When Pam got out of her car to go shopping a man approached her asking for money.

"I looked at him and I said, 'If you're out of gas, you don't have any money, what are you driving this big truck for?'" Pam said.

She said that the alleged panhandler walked away after she called him out, and then sat by the entrance to the store.  Once Pam was finished loading her groceries into her car, she decided to go back into the Winco and tell the manager about the man. Pam says the man yelled at her not to go back inside and called her names.

"Well apparently while I was in the Winco, the driver, unbeknownst to me until I got home and my tire pressure sensor went off, the driver of the truck had let the air out of my tire.

The pickup truck did not have a license plate or a temporary tag.

Pam has a message for the two men in the truck, though: "Go out and get jobs and don't rely on other people," she said.

Pam filed a police report and hopes the two men are caught quickly.

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