Spokane woman has two wedding dresses stolen


SPOKANE, Wash. -A woman is heartbroken after finding out that someone broke into her home and stole her wedding dress.

This happened in the Shadle neighborhood while the woman was out of town.

Megan Martens-Haworth has since installed security cameras. Someone busted down her door, and ransacked her home. They stole a lot of items, like jewelry and a safe, but the most heartbreaking for her was when she discovered a garment bag was missing. Inside was her wedding dress and a dress that she was creating as an art piece.

“I have a hard time imagining the type of people that would take somebody’s memories,” she says.

The second dress had her family ancestry on there. It had pictures of her great grandmother, and her grandmother. She started working on the dress before her own wedding, as a way to remember her history.

But what’s even more stressful for her is that this isn’t the first layer of stress she’s dealing with. She was visiting her family in Wyoming because she has a double mastectomy scheduled for Monday morning. So since she’s going to be unable to go look in consignment stores and online for her dresses, she’s hoping others can keep an eye out.

“I would hope to have them back. I wanted to give my wedding dress to my daughter and I wanted to have that artwork forever,” she says.

She says this break-in likely happened between June 29 and July 1. She has reported this to police and is working with insurance to see what can be done.

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