No, you won't get two free Delta tix on Facebook

Facebook Delta tickets hoax

(story and photo: Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive,

Two of these in one day. Honestly, we could probably write an article a day for every scam on Facebook, but after we posted the warning about the Jayden K Smith hoax, we noticed another oldie but goodie (badie?) making it's way across our feed on Monday: The Delta ticket scam. 

The post isn't new, but seems to be getting popular again, with plenty of people falling for it. 

It claims that Delta is giving away free tickets simply because it's their 88th birthday (the company is actually 93 years old). If you click on it, it could lead to malicious websites. 

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If you receive it on your timeline, Facebook actually wants you to report it as spam.

You should always go to the legitimate Delta Airline/Airways Facebook page to verify the authenticity of a promotion before taking part in it. Spread the word!

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