Spokane Public Schools Board member arrested for DUI


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane Public Schools Board member is in trouble with the law. He was arrested for DUI and is facing hit and run charges.

42-year-old Paul Schneider was taken into custody back in June and is no longer in jail.

According to the Spokane School District page, Schneider is an educator in the Central Valley School District.

"He feels terrible that he has impacted his ability to do that and he's also impacted some of the people who have full faith and trust in him," said Chris Bugbee, Schneider's lawyer.

Bugbee says Schneider is doing all he can to fix what happened.

Court documents say on June 21 around 8 p.m. Schneider hit a bicyclist near Rockwood and Perry. The cyclist says he was not able to use his left shoulder for three days.

Officers say they responded to Southeast Boulevard and Rockwood Boulevard to a vehicle that had attempted to flee and crashed at a different location.

There was a woman in the car with Schneider. She said Schneider had been drinking. Officers found alcohol containers in his vehicle.

"This is a very unfortunate circumstance for Mr. Schneider and for his family. I can tell you he is dealing with some very personal and private issues that contributed to this," said Bugbee.

As for his term with the Spokane Public School Board, the school district website says he'll be there until 2021.

A Spokane School District spokesperson says Schneider is currently on medical leave and he did miss the last school board meeting.

KHQ reached out to Schneider but did not hear back.

Schneider's lawyer says they are waiting for a court date but that Schneider will go to court and address what he needs to.

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