How to build your own AC unit for about $20


With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, the need to stay cool is pivotal, which is why KHQ constructed its own air conditioning unit.

People can pay a fortune for top-of-the line A/C units, but you can make your own for about $20.

All you need is a PVC pipe, a fan, a cooler and some ice to make your own A/C unit. KHQ producer Dan Herda and KHQ intern Derek Pierce put one together in about three minutes.

What you'll need:

- A standard styrofoam cooler

- A mini desk fan

- A PVC pipe elbow

- a bag or two of ice

Fill the cooler with ice and trace around the outer edges of the mini fan and PVC pipe to get two accurately sized holes in the lid of the cooler. 

Placing the lid to the cooler upside down, put the lid into place with the PVC pipe angled out where you want the cold air. Then, place the fan pointed down through its hole at the ice. Turn on the fan and feel that cool air coming out of the PVC pipe. Stay cool, everyone! 

(story and photo: Dan Herda, KHQ Local News Producer,

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