How to protect yourself in bear country


PRIEST LAKE, Idaho -The trails that were closed on Tuesday have now re-opened near the Priest Lake Visitors Center and they come with a warning.

The new signs read that bears are still in the area, keep dogs on a leash, and store food appropriately.

“Oh yes always a concern anytime there's an animal that's larger in size and puts us in a state of vulnerability,” Greg Schill said.

Schill, who’s visiting from Mississippi, is taking in the sights and sounds but with caution.

“I'm going to be on a little higher lookout than I normally would be,” he said.

Crews from the Bonner County Sheriffs Office and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game were not able to get the bear yesterday.

If they were able to trap it, they would have had to euthanize it, according to Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

The IDFG says the best way to defend yourself in this situation would be to arm yourself with bear spray.

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