Items for sale at St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax

St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax

If you're a picker or just someone who likes the paranormal, then you're in the right place! 

St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, often regarded as being haunted, is selling a bunch of the stuff that still sits inside the hospital and its outlying buildings. The hospital provided health care to the Palouse region from 1893-1964. It became an assisted living facility until it closed for good in 2000. 

The items up for sale are featured on the hospital's Instagram account and range from old wheelchairs, to doors, light fixtures, and even the very steps the nuns took up to their quarters. 

There are five buildings on the property, including the hospital, the house (which is being demolished this summer), the morgue (under the hospital), the steam plant and the barn. 

"All of the buildings are stacked to the brim with treasures to be claimed," the account boasts. 

"Ghosts of patients past now roam the halls of St. Ignatius Hospital," says of the hospital on their site. "Every October small groups of people gather with flashlights and ghost hunting supplies for the annual St. Ignatius Haunted Hospital Tour."


For the rest of the summer and early fall, those running the Instagram account will be digging through the property and selling the valuable contents via the social media platform. 

If you see anything you like on the account, you must contact them via Instagram or email at Presently, they are dealing with buyers on an appointment-only basis and interested parties must bring their own equipment and crew to remove the items at their own risk. 

If you're a film student, the property has also opened up to filming opportunities. The buildings are in pre-development and it is unknown what the owner has planned for the property, but if you're interested, simply email for time slots and pricing. 

(story: Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive,; photos: Instagram user st.ignatius_hospital)

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