Post Falls beer heist bungled by lies

Post Falls beer heist

Officers say a drunk man grabbed some beer from the case in the Post Falls Walmart and tried to "casually stroll through the self-checkout" without paying Thursday night. The staff at the store were not fooled and stopped him. The man insisted that he paid. Post Falls police showed up and he stuck to his story. However, officers were quick to point out that he didn't have a receipt or his wallet. The man said he paid with cash. 

"Where's the change?" the officers asked. 

"Faced with the fact he would have to convince them that he paid with the exact cash amount he hung his head in shame and admitted that he did not pay for the beer," the department said on their Facebook page. "He was trespassed from the store and left angrily. Somehow his pants did not catch on fire."

Mad and trespassed, officers later found the man wandering around the parking lot at the same Walmart. When they asked him earlier where he had come from, he said he walked from Spokane. However, when confronted with officers again, the man admitted that his partner in crime fled the scene when officers arrived for the theft call and he was now stranded. 

He asked to be taken to jail, but officers told him there was no vacancy at the County Jail but he could check out one of the fine hotels in Post Falls.

(story: Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive,; photo:

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