Man arrested for attempted child luring at school


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Spokane Valley Deputies reported Wednesday that they have arrested a 26-year-old man for outstanding warrants and attempting to lure a child. They later added an assault charge after the man attacked an inmate in jail and broke the inmate's front tooth.

 At around 6 p.m. Tuesday, deputies responded to Horizon Middle School for a report of a man, later identified as Jacob Ellison, attempting to abduct and lure a young girl. Deputies were informed that the girl's father was in a verbal confrontation with Ellison.

When Deputy Turner arrived, deputies say that Ellison began pacing when he saw the patrol car. Ellison identified himself but seemed reluctant and said he shouldn't have any warrants. Deputy Turner told Ellison he was there to investigate an attempted child luring, Ellison said he was there to meet his son and didn't touch the girl. Ellison reportedly appeared extremely nervous. He initially said he though the victim was his daughter and could only see the back of the victim's head. He continued, saying he was there to meet his ex-wife and daughter at the softball game. Ellison could not provide his ex-wife's name and failed to provide a contact number for her. Ellison changed his story several times and later denied even speaking to the girl.

Deputies ran a check on Ellison and found he had two confirmed warrants for his arrest, a Washington State Department of Corrections warrant and a local misdemeanor warrant for assault. When Ellison was taken into custody and told he was being arrested for the warrants he said, "Is that all?" Deputies read Ellison his rights and he declined to answer anymore questions.

The victim's father explained he was getting some items out of his car and his daughter was waiting for him nearby. He heard Ellison calling and looked over to see Ellison motion with his hand to the victim and heard him say, "Come here." The father confronted Ellison who said he was there to meet his daughter and mistakenly thought the victim was her. The father walked away and told the other parents at the softball game what happened, only to look back and observe Ellison playing catch with some other children. The other parents quickly called their children away.  None of the other parents seemed to know Ellison and the victim’s father did not believe Ellison actual had a child at the ballpark.  He watched Ellison walk around and said Ellison appeared to have no purpose as he meandered.  The father called and reported Ellison’s behavior and confronted him again.

The victim told deputies she was looking toward Ellison when he attempted to talk to her and she turned away. This directly contradicts Ellison's explanation when he said he only saw the victim from behind and confused her for his own daughter. She also said Ellison tried twice to get her to come over and go with him before her dad confronted him.

Ellison was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for warrants and an additional charge of luring.

Then, at about 8 p.m. Deputy Turner responded to a suspicious person call in the area of Horizon Middle School referencing Ellison's actions. Deputy Turner was told by the mother of a young boy that Ellison attended an estate sale in the area in the past few days where she spoke to him. At that time, Ellison showed an interest toward her son and asked questions about him and what sports he played.  She became concerned after hearing from a friend about the incident at Horizon and Ellison’s arrest because he had arrived at her location an hour prior to the incident to look at some furniture she was selling.  She said Ellison asked more questions about her son and seemed more interested in him than the furniture.  She told Ellison he was playing baseball and wasn’t there.  Ellison left the location, paced around and walked off toward Horizon Middle School.  She explained after being told about the incident, she felt Ellison was attempting to find her son when he went to the school.

Deputy Turning was advised that Ellison assaulted another inmate while in the booking area at about 8:20 p.m. Through interviews, responding deputies learned Ellison was in a holding cell with other inmates.  They were talking and some of the inmates began laughing at Ellison due to his charges.  Witnesses stated Ellison grew angry and, without provocation or warning, struck the victim in the mouth with his elbow breaking his tooth and cutting his lip. He was charged with 4th degree assault for the incident in addition to other charges.

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