Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery seeking a new home


The Vanessa Behan Crisis Emergency Nursery has outgrown its space and is looking for a new home.

After two failed attempts to purchase property, the nursery is reaching out to the public for help find a new location to serve neglected and abused children, as well as offer several other services for the community.

For the last several years, the nursery has seen an increase in the number of children and families that they have turned away due to space limitations. Moreover, programs need to be added to address the growing needs of families being served, such as medical care, ages 7-12 services, and parent education to name a few.

The nursery is looking for 2-1 acres of buildable land or a building that can be modified or expanded to accommodate 27,000 square feet. Location must be either on a bus line or within two blocks. The nursery’s preference is to stay between the following streets: 10th Ave. to the South; Freya to the East, Government Way to the West; and Wellesley to the North.

Contact Executive Director, Amy Knapton Vega at 509-340-0477 if you have a location you can donate or sell.

The current facility is 18 years old and only 10,000 square feet. 

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