Another case of animal abuse in Northwest Spokane


A heartless case of animal abuse has a Spokane woman upset and frustrated in the area of Indiana and Maple after her cat was shot by a pellet.

Ellen Buckles says her cat Mardy spends most of his days hanging around the house and backyard, enjoying the sunshine. But last Thursday, she found a weird bump on him.

“The orange cap was stuck flush in his skin,” Ellen says.

If you look closely now, you’ll notice a patch of fur missing where the vet took a look at it. Thankfully, Mardy is going to be okay. The pellet missed his vital organs and he’s on antibiotics now. But, Ellen doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

“I was upset. Someone had shot our cat. It just makes me angry I don't understand who would do that,” Ellen says.

She hopes that people keep an eye out in their own neighborhoods.

“That extra set of eyes is always good and then maybe we can catch the terrible person that's doing this,” Ellen says.

If you know anything about this, report it to SCRAPS.

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