Spokane man hopes to fight graffiti tagging with art


SPOKANE, Wash. -One West Central Spokane man is upset after his garage was tagged with graffiti, but he's got a plan to take back his garage. The plan involves time, paint brushes and an artist to help him take away the graffiti and make something special. 

The other day, Andrew Larson came out of his house to a surprise.

"My first reaction was obviously I was mad. I was like 'Who did this'" Larson said.

Andrew has lived at the house since he was a kid and knows his West Central neighborhood like the back of his hand. And while he might be upset about his garage being tagged, he's had an idea for a long time and sees the vandalism as an opportunity.

"I've been thinking about doing a nice mural piece on here," he said.

Andrew wants a lot of color.

"I love the urban art. I think it just brightens up our world so much."

According to the Spokane crimes crime tracker map in the past month, there have been 16 reported cases of vandalism in Andrew's neighborhood. Police told us that the blue graffiti is consistent with gang activity, but they're not sure if it was applied by a gang member. What has Andrew even more baffled is who covered the graffiti up.

"None of my friends got a hold of me saying they did it. It's a random person who did that for me."

Andrew has filed a police report and is looking for an artist to help him paint a mural. If you know someone willing to paint a mural let us know and we'll put you in touch with Andrew.

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