Spokane Father's Day fight goes viral on social media


SPOKANE, Wash. -A dad's plan to pick up his daughter for a Father's Day outing turns into accusations of assault and an arrest. Now a Facebook post is going viral because of what the dad didn't do when confronted.

In the post. PJ Greenfield is seen arriving at his soon-to-be-ex-wife's parents' Spokane home  to pick up their 2 1/2 year old daughter to be together for Father's Day. PJ's current girlfriend taking video of the event, from the sidewalk, when it happened. 

"My ex-wife's father did not like that I was there to pick up my daughter," said PJ.

PJ said they've had issues over custody before...sometimes with words but never like this "there's always been confrontation with him."

Below the post, there is comment after comment applauding PJ for not fighting back "I was not willing to fight the grandfather of my daughter let alone start a fight where my daughter is at," PJ added.

Saying that custody battles get emotional isn't going to surprise many people, but rarely is it all caught on camera like this one.  We talked to a divorce mediator about managing through such heated conflict.

"It depends on the parents, I mean it really does. We have parents who will exchange a child and they will give each other a notebook which lists what the child's been doing," Jack Hebner, Executive Director of the Fulcrum Institute, said.

Hebner continued by saying "We have other parents who have curb side exchanges where what happens is the parent pulls up and stops at a car and the mother and father they open the door and the child runs out and that's a curb side exchange and the parents never talk."

In this case, PJ took the video to police, and they arrested and charged Jeffery Pyper with assault. Now the courts will have another case involving this couple - this time criminal.

Multiple attempts including phone calls and Facebook messages were used to try and contact Mr. Pyper. As for PJ he said that the court has now set a supervised location to hand off his daughter for visitation.

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