Restoration efforts underway on High Drive Bluff

High Drive Bluff restoration

Restoration efforts are underway after a mile-long road was bulldozed reportedly without permission in the High Drive Bluff.

Patrick Keegan is with Friends of the Bluff. He has been coming down to the area that was bulldozed nearly every other day with his backpack full of four gallons of water. That’s because more than 900 tree seedlings have been planted to restore what was taken down.

Patrick says they are in need of volunteers for their watering brigade. He says those seedlings might not survive the summer because of how dry it gets, which is why it’s so important to water them now.

He’s been working with Avista, who provided them with the backpacks and helped return the area to its original grade. The area already looks very different from when it was bulldozed back in April. You can see the seedlings and the grass seed mix on the ground.

“This escape that you can have right inside the city is a tremendous place, a lot of people care about it,” Patrick says.

If you'd like to help, you can fill out the volunteer form on the Friends of the Bluff website. Make sure you indicate you would like to be a part of the watering brigade:

(story and photo: Katie Chen,

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