Ever feed the ducks at Manito? You're ruining the pond


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's an annoying problem that won't seem to go away, and it's all stemming from something that appears to be innocent.

If you've spent any time at Manito Park lately, chances are you've noticed how brown the Mirror Pond is.

We spoke with City of Spokane Parks Department, who explained when people feed the ducks and geese in the pond, the animals eat more, and they subsequently go to the bathroom more -- and that's what's causing the water to be the ugly color.

The city has been dealing with the problem for years, and now they've installed a new filter, but they're still testing to see if it makes a difference in fighting the overfeeding problem.

Over the weekend at Manito, someone had thrown potato chips into the water. No only could you see the oil sheen they caused, the ducks and turtles were eating it all.

There are signs posted at the pond saying you can be fined for feeding the ducks, but the city says they've never given anyone a ticket for it. So while you could technically be ticketed for it, the city says it really comes down to people wanting to keep the pond clean, and (hopefully) listening to the ordinance. 

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