Car salesman nabs purse snatcher in Spokane Valley


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Some are calling a man a superhero after he catches a purse-snatcher in broad daylight.

Bastian Blumig says he was working at Valley Auto Liquidators on Friday when he heard cries for help.

“Just sold a car and I was back here parking it for a customer and I heard some commotion at Target over there,” he says.

He looked over and saw a man running with a purse, with a woman trailing behind. That’s when Bastian leapt into action. He cut across the lot, across Sprague Avenue, and caught up with the suspect behind a strip mall.

“As soon as I rounded the corner he was like 'I give up, I give up,'” Blumig says. “I made him sit on his butt. That way he can't scoot away.”

Bastian says he didn't do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done in his place. But Bastian says he’s not going to quit his day job. He’ll continue selling cars, but he’ll also remain a bastion of justice.

“If somebody needs help, and I'm in the vicinity, it's in my nature to help out,” he says. 

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