BBQ dads come together to make viral ad a reality


SPOKANE, Wash. -We showed you a viral Craigslist ad a few weeks ago. Spokane boys looking to hire a BBQ dad for their end of the school year part. It finally happened on Saturday.

It's the barbecue Dane Anderson cooked up with the help of his friends. The ad asking for a dad, gave points if your name was Bill, Randy or Dave. But Scott, Pete and Jim will do. All three were hired to be BBQ dads on Saturday and all three are local.

"All of them met the minimum requirements of having a name under five letters," Dane said. "I'm so happy. I'm really glad that we live in the 21st century where we can have more than one dad."

The dads also brought along a goat to fire up at the barbecue. 

But it's not just the boys whose days are being made. It's the dads' too.

It's a day nobody at the barbecue will ever forget.

"To see all my friends gathered in one place and just hanging out, drinking beer, eating barbecue, it's the most magical thing," Dane said.

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