Privy Ranch presents posh potties


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Working hard for when you are hardly working.

“They’re fully electric, insulated, thermostat controlled heat and AC, we have a window for ventilation, we've got outlets for whatever you need, whether it's to charge your phone, you need a curling iron in there, whatever you need,” Anissa Brady said.

The posh potties at the Privy Ranch are premium.

Anissa Brady and her family run the ranch.

“We just felt like there was a need that there had to be a better way,” Brady said, “to do things beside the old generation out house."

The outhouses vary in size and efficiency.

Small, large, electric or even or solar.

“Something more eco-friendly this is also waterless,” Brady said.

She says when customers come by they can’t believe it.

“The men that come by say 'my wife has got to see this’,” she said.

Many people who want to use the facilities, but not necessarily a porta-potty, would enjoy the luxurious amenities.

“You really have to see them to appreciate the kind of detail that goes into them that these guys take putting it together,” Brady said, “and sometimes re-putting it together because I don't like it and they do that most of the time with no complaint.”

She added most of the wood and nails that go into making the outhouses are repurposed and most come right here in north Idaho.

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