Bee boxes causing concern for neighbors in Idaho


KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho -Four-year-old Lucy Meredith loves to play outside.

She loves her swings on her play set, but she can’t go down her slide.

“Even the kids little swimming pool is full of bees,” Sam Meredith, Lucy’s father, said.

Even the chickens and roosters at Sam’s home are frightened.

We got a call from a viewer that bee boxes appeared to help pollinate a field off of Huetter and Hayden Avenue and when we showed up there were hundreds and hundreds of boxes.

“So just a couple days ago the bees showed up and we were curious where the bees were going to stay,” Meredith said.

Sam and his family live across the street. He says the bees have invaded their yard.

“The bees were crazy yesterday,” he said.

The farmer that owns the field tells KHQ there’s over 100 acres of canola and the bees will be here for the next four to six weeks.

“It was really sunny out yesterday and I would drive by and they were all hitting my windshield and I felt so bad,” Debbie Major said.

Now Meredith thinks that having the bees come and pollinate is a great thing to help harvest the canola, but he’s worried that it’ll keep his kids indoors and not outside enjoying their summer.

“I understand that we need them to do that and that there is a bee crisis in our country,” he said, “we understand that but I also understand the impact it has on us as residents when there's lots of other places they can put them and still pollinate."

KHQ spoke with an official from Kootenai County, they say having the bees located there is legal.

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