2-year-old's mother questioned during murder trial


SPOKANE, Wash. -The mother of a 2-year-old girl who was murdered took the stand again on Tuesday with the defense asking her pointed questions about the details in the days before her daughter’s death.

Jason Obermiller is accused of killing 2-year-old Addy Hoyt nine months ago while the mother, Lovina Rainey, was out partying and getting drugs with another man.

The mother admitted in court on Monday that she had not been the best mother and said some awful things to her four children, like she hated them and that they were stupid.

But the defense argued that some of her testimony didn’t match up with what she told detectives after she discovered her daughter’s body. One point the defense brought up was that she told a detective on scene in September that no one specifically was watching her daughter, but in her testimony, she said she left her daughter in the care of Obermiller.

The defense also questioned her as a mother – asking her if she ever went into a “meth rage” when using drugs. She maintains that she did not and would never hurt her children.

Her three other children are currently living with foster parents or relatives.

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