'CD', the Mead High School dog, passes away

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The Mead community is feeling a huge loss this week. 

Camp Dog "CD" Mickelsen, a pup that walked the halls of Mead High School for many years passed away this week. 

"He has occupied our hearts since the day he came back from leadership camp in 2002 and has been a source of hope & healing for thousands throughout the years," a post on Mead High School's Facebook page stated. "He epitomized the vision of ensuring ALL belong at Mead High School. Though he will no longer walk the hallways of Mead High School, he will never be forgotten."


For the past fifteen years, CD was a staple at Mead High School. His owner, Randy Mickelsen, says they found him at their annual leadership camp. He was a stray puppy, and hungry. The students fed him and took care of him. When they got on the bus to leave, he says, CD followed them on, and took a seat. The rest is history. 

Good Boy, CD.


(story: KHQ.com; photos: Mead High School)

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