Benewah County missing person's case reopened


Law enforcement in north Idaho confirms they are re-opening the missing person case of Dewey "Duke" Shawver. 

The Benewah County Sheriff's Office and Idaho State Police say Shawver was declared missing in November 2016 after leaving his home in a maroon Ford pickup. The search ended the next month on December 11 when someone claiming to be Shawver's friend called a Shoshone County Deputy on Shawver's behalf to let them know he was fine and was dealing with personal issues and just wanted to be alone. The deputy in Shoshone County told the Benewah County Sheriff's office that the call was reliable. 

A family member later asked the Benewah County Sheriff's Office to try and contact Shawver, but the previous caller could not be identified by the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office. 

Given the new information, the Benewah County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the case has been reopened and will not be closed until the Sheriff's Office speaks with Mr. Shawver. 

Mr. Shawver was last seen Nov. 23 in St. Maries. His vehicle has not been seen since early January. His phone was last used in March in the Seattle area to send a text message, but has since been deactivated. 

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Dewey "Duke" Shawver, contact the Benewah County Sheriff's Office at (208) 245-2555.  

(story:; photo: Idaho transportation Dept.)

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