After SWAT situations, neighbors hope for clean streets


SPOKANE, Wash. -Some neighbors at Altamont and Fifth say they just want their neighborhood cleaned-up especially since a few streets were blocked off Thursday morning when SWAT teams searched a home.

"I kept telling my daughter, I said, 'Something is going to happen, there's too much traffic there. There's either cars, a hundred cars around or motorcycles,'" said a neighbor who lives in the area.

The house had a swarm of police coming in and out. Neighbors say a biker gang lives in the house and there's normally kids that play outside. Police told KHQ nobody was found inside the home.

The Spokane Regional Auto Theft Task Force came to serve a search warrant for the people living inside. "The investigators developed probable cause to believe that there was some auto theft parts being placed at the location," said Tracie Meidl with the Spokane Police Department.

That's why they searched every piece, looking for any evidence.

However, this isn't the first neighborhood disruption. Last week, U.S. Marshals had an arrest warrant for a guy who lives near Hartson and Altamont but he refused to come out and they thought he may be armed. "It was a four hour standoff. It was ridiculous. I've lived in my house for 15 years. I'm tired of the mess," said the neighbor. It ended with an arrest but Thursday's didn't.

The neighbor told KHQ that a lot of police drive by in the area but she's glad that they do so they can keep the neighborhood safe. 

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