Spokane mom fed up with squatters


SPOKANE, Wash. -As the weather warms up, police say crime starts picking up as well, and criminals looking for a base of operations often don't have to look far. There are more than 500 abandoned homes in Spokane according to the city's foreclosure registry, and you may not want to think about it but there could be one in your neighborhood.

One of those abandoned homes is in northwest Spokane. That's where a woman says her son was just minding his own business walking to school. When squatters at the house started to cause trouble.

The mom is fed up. "It's been vacant since the granddaughter was kicked out. Now we have squatters," said April, who lives just down the street from the nuisance house.

April says that there has been a lot of activity at all times of the day.

"Mostly at night though is when you can see because there is no electricity," and there is no running water. While I was there you could smell an odor coming from inside even from the sidewalk. April confronted the squatters after she says they harassed her son.

"My son told me, 'Mom they're in there, they're shouting and stuff.'"

April told the people inside she called police. "There was a male that came out and another male that came out and ran,"

One of the men inside said he bought the house from Chase bank for $20,000 but April's not buying his story, 

"It's all public information and this house hasn't been sold nor is it up for sale,"  said April.

April is just happy that she has neighbors that look out for each other and that her son is safe. She gave him some advice, "I told him don't stand for it anymore. You need to let me know every time that happens."

If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, give Crime Check a call at 509-456-2233.

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