GU's beloved 'Maddie the Bulldog' diagnosed with cancer


Maddie the bulldog, Gonzaga's beloved real-life mascot has been diagnosed with a fast-growing bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.

 As she lives out the last few weeks of her life, she has one last wish to anyone who knew her. The news was announced in a heart-felt message on Maddie's fan page and says the cancer is in the advanced stages and that a large tumor was found on her front left shoulder

.Maddie's cancer isn't treatable and despite an opportunity to apply in a clinical trial on Osteosarcoma, her family has decided the pain of treatment and amputation, which wouldn't even be able to cure her cancer, would only bring unnecessary pain.

So, as she spends her last few weeks on earth, she has one last request:  If you have a photo or a memory with Maddie, her owner is asking you to share it so they can be included in a book documenting Maddie's incredible life. All the proceeds from the book will be donated to the study of making canine carts for bulldogs the lose their front legs.

If Maddie had her front leg amputated, where the cancer is mainly located, there isn't currently a cart that would help her to walk.Stories and photos can be submitted here: Maddie@aoaonaturalpets.comHere is what the Facebook post reads in full

:"Dear friends – my human is finally able to let me tell all of you, I have Osteosarcoma. A fast-growing bone cancer found primarily in large dogs. The cancer is very advanced. I have a large tumor in my left front shoulder. I went in for dental work and showed the vet my limp, he took an x-ray and we found the cancer. Doctor Hart was very sad when he told my human. They both were.

I was going to participate in a clinical trial focusing on osteosarcoma but the amount of pain associated with the chemo, amputation, and other treatment was more than we thought I should endure. The study would not cure me nor make me feel better and there was a significant chance I wouldn’t have been eligible after several painful test. With the support of my family we have decided that I will enjoy the next few weeks of my life.

Interestingly enough a few years back I helped with an event called Canines vs Cancer as well as participated in Relay-For-Life as often as I could. I am thankful I did and hope that through research someday Osteosarcoma and all other cancers are eliminated from our lives. The treatment and cure isn’t ready for me yet. I will be greeting my friends over the rainbow-bridge in several weeks and someday unite with my humans again.

What I need from you are your stories of anything I may have done to make your day better. My human will read those stories to me. You can also share pictures. The humans in my life will be collecting my stories and then making them available in a book. The proceeds going to the study of making canine carts for bulldogs that lose their front legs. Currently there is no cart that would work for me if I was able to be saved through amputating my front leg. I must do something to help others, my life has to make a difference to others. Please note that any progress made in most canine cancers is also of significant help for research in childhood cancers.

Please email your stories and photos to me at

We will cite your story and photo unless you do not want us to put your name in my autobiographical book."

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