Airway Heights businesses staying positive


AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -It’s been more than three weeks since Airway Heights was told their water was not okay to consume. Thousands of people are still waiting for the results of the third test to see if their water is safe.

Coming to the distribution center is becoming the new normal for people and businesses in Airway Heights.

Barbara Davis is the co-owner of Wolffy’s, and she says that she’s been going through cases of bottled water.

“It's been an adjustment naturally but it's doable,” she says. “Everything we've had to do together as a team it honestly hasn't been that bad.”

They use the bottled water for everything from coffee, cooking to water on every table. She says it does slow things down a little, but she and her staff remain positive and optimistic. That’s because Barbara says the people make it easier for them.

“So thankful for our customers that they've trusted us and have kept coming to see us,” she says. “This community great. We stick together. We really do.”

The empty water bottles are being brought back to the distribution point to be recycled. 

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