Families still reeling after Spokane Valley mudslide

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A family is still working to keep further damage from happening to their home after a landslide nearly missed it.

It’s been five days since the landslide in Spokane Valley, just north of Plantes Ferry Sports Complex, but the family says the area that’s getting washed away continues to grow.

Paul Moody has been surveying his house every day, all day. Making sure that water isn’t running into his home. There’s a natural underground spring that runs in the area, and Paul says it’s the likely culprit of the instability of the ground because of all the runoff that’s coming off the mountain.

The landslide thankfully slid at a different angle, missing the two homes in that area. But the spring continues to wash sand down the hill, and wash out parts of the hill. If more of the hill gives way, the home at the top of it will start to get into the danger zone.

For right now, it looks like it could be holding, but the water continues to rush. So, Paul is taking this one step at a time.

“There’s a lot of unknowns, but the answers will be forth coming,” he says.

As of right now, he’s been told his insurance likely won’t cover the damage, but someone is coming out to take a look at it all. His family is staying at a friend’s rental for the time being as they can’t go home, and he says the family is doing well.

“I am grateful,” he says. “I feel like we’ve been blessed with good neighbors."

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