Spokane neighborhood worries about growing crime

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SPOKANE, Wash. -With summer just around the corner, one mother is concerned for her neighborhood, and for a good reason.

"Summer's coming, we've got kids getting out of school." Karla Tall explained. She lives on Spokane's lower south hill, and says she's worried about the prostitution and drug use taking place. She says it's out in the open, and especially in alleyways.

On Tuesday night, SWAT teams surrounded a house, that neighbors say was a constant source for drug problems. Tall says people constantly come in and out of it. 

"I see it on a continuous basis. People dropping them off, picking them up, switching it," she said. 

The police do patrol the neighborhood, and when they show up, things get quiet. But as soon as officers  leave, Tall says the trouble returns.

She says fortunately, most people look out for each other, and keep the neighborhood as clean as they can. But it's not enough.

"We got home invasions," she told us. "We've got people losing their property who work hard for what they got and it's sad." According to this community crime map provided by the City of Spokane, in the last six months there have been six reported assaults, three reported thefts, three reported stolen vehicles, multiple reported drug possessions, and several reported home burglaries.

"It doesn't matter if you lock it up," Tall added. "They find it they take it, they break in it's not safe."

If you'd like to see how your neighborhood compares to others when it comes to crime, click here to see the city's crime map. 

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